Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From Far Away

I am having lunch today with a dear friend I met in Chicago. She and her cute family have been living abroad for years and are being re-stationed in a few weeks to another post abroad. She is one of the cutest people I know and am so excited to be able to find a few hours for lunch today. One great thing about living in our day and age is that even when we live half way away around the world we can still communicate as if we were neighbors. It is, of course, not the same as being face to face... so I am off!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Relief comes in many different forms and what may seems horrible to some might seems like the needed light at the end of the painful tunnel to another. One thing that I find frustrating is when something is wrong in our bodies, and we know it is wrong, but all of the medical tests say everything is fine. I found relief when the doc finally agreed that something was wrong with me and she could hopefully fix me next week. My next question is: If we can live without our gall bladder and appendix, why do we have them? I would like to name my gall bladder before it leaves me next week. Suggestions?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chunky: lumpy, chubby, bumpy

I was excited to win an Emmy tonight... or I guess what I should say is that I was happy to see someone win an Emmy after imitating, if you will, her character in Joseph for the last 2 months. I was wearing my lucky track pants for the occasion!! Congrats Jane on our, I mean your, Emmy!

The title of this blog is dedicated to my friends the Steadman's because The Pasthword Isth....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Truth

A good friend of mine from Chicago posted this video on her blog and I steal the idea from her!

I see my brothers when I watch this video, even the one that is not a daddy. So here's to you Everett, Barry, Patrick and Brad!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Its the little things in life...

Squitch's daughter Goose for some reason does not like me so much. She is 2 and from day one has cried when I look at her. It would be funny if it were not so sad. Kids generally really like me, so I have been so baffled as to why. Squitch's son P really loves me, the contrast is striking. One day Squitch came over so Besty and I could help her pick an audition song. They walked in and she freaked. I mean freaked!! She would not even be in the same room as me. So I started to think that maybe there is something wrong with me, with my aura or something. This same night she played really well with my niece even going down with Mom and LoMo to have a bath. So she will go play necked with a stranger instead of being in the same room with me... sad.

Last night I went to Squitch's house for a bit and Goose at first was a little ... well like we are together: love hate! In fact at one point she fled from me so quickly she did not see the wall until she ran into it! Poor girl. So I decided a new tactic was in order. I asked her if she wanted to come up on the couch and read a book with me. Then I ignored her. Soon she went to get a book and handed it to me... though would not sit with me but listened while I read. Progress! When it was jammie time I asked her if I could help her get jammies on. She went to get her pretty silkies and brought them to me and by the time she was changed, I guess she had forgotten (at least for the night) that she does not like me. We sat and watched a bit of a movie and when it was over and time for bed, Goose gave me a hug and kiss. I almost cried I was so happy! Maybe, just maybe, she and I can be friends now. And it all started with a book!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The power in our office went out yesterday. I went down about 9:30 and we were told it would not come back until 2:00. That is a long time to be without power at work, especially in this day and age when everything we do is on the computer! But something interesting happened without power. Things got very quiet. I mean after the initial angry sounds of disappointment because we could not complete our work... or play on the computers for some! Things were kind of mellow, and very quiet for about 90 minutes until the power came on.

I have been reading the book 'eat, pray, love' by Elizabeth Gilbert (you know before I see the movie.) I am currently reading the pray part of the book, she is talking about her time in India. I happened to have it with me so I pulled it out to read a bit until something happened and I could get more work done. It will not ruin the book to talk about this, she was visiting an Ashram in India and there was a Silence Retreat she was helping with. 100 people came to the Ashram for a silence week. They did not talk for 7 days, rather they contemplated their lives and meditated. But they lived in silence, they made the world around them quiet so they could look inside and listen.

One thing I noticed while the power was out and it was quiet was that only some of us in the office could stand the quiet. 6 (out of 8) salesmen left, 2 (out of 4) office staff pulled out their cell phones and started watching videos or playing games. The quiet seemed deafening to them.

When the power came on at around 11 (like I said, it was only out for about 90 minutes) I could not believe the audible hum that suddenly surrounded me. The lights, 2 printers, a computer monitor, and my computer all turned on with a hum that I am so used to, I did not even realize how loud it is! I found it suddenly distracting.

I cannot claim to have had some overwhelming introspective or spiritual experience because of 90 minutes of no power. But one thing I now do believe is true: Sometimes the physical power needs to go off so we can feel our own internal power or voice. Technology is great, but how reliant on it am I? About a week ago I unplugged my alarm clock in my bedroom. It is now darker in my room and frankly I am sleeping better. Too much modern technology and lighted gadgets, I think, can sometimes block our internal light and inner quiet. I need to listen more to me. It might be time to turn some things off so I can do just that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Like Going Home

Do you have something that triggers a fond memory from your past? Like a smell or movie line or something...

I started to re-watch Grey's Anatomy recently. I started with Season One and will go through the seasons I have on DVD. For some unknown reason it is reminding me years ago when I had this core group of single lady (all the single ladies) friends (who now all are married, some with kids.) Now the odd thing is I never watched Grey's Anatomy with any of them. This group was made up of my sister Colleen and our friends Candice, Elisha, and Jill. Still friends with all of them, that is not where this is going, we have not broken up!! But in the last few years our lives have changed. Jill got married and moved out of state. Colleen and Candice got married the same summer they both have children now. Elisha was recently married as well (and actually I think she is the only other one in the group who ever watched Grey's.)

We all did theater together, we had a small singing group called multi-fish! productions where we sang with a few other ladies. The rest of this group competed in the Miss Midvale competition together (let's just say I did not because I was too old!) But I have to say my fondest memories of these wonderful friends was doing our Award Show Parties!! We did them all: Oscar, Tony, Emmy, SAG, People's Choice, Grammy, Miss America Pageant, Golden Globes, etc. We all brought a very yummy, sometimes unhealthy, dish to share and named it after the particular award show. For example I usually brought deviled eggs and they were always different: Oscar Deviled Eggs, Emmy Deviled Eggs, etc. Elisha always brought the best pasta salad, Colleen brought Reeeeseees Peeeiceees (that is just how they are pronounced!) Candice and Jill usually experimented with something tasty. And always always always Elisha did a victory lap if someone we all wanted to win did in fact claim the prize. Ah good times.

Do not get me wrong, those of us still in state try to get together for the 4 main award shows still and to have a party. Our numbers and the food might have changed, kids and husbands have to be taken into consideration, but it still feels like going home. I do not know if it is because the Emmy's are Sunday, but for some reason watching Grey's right now has made me remember those days so very fondly this week. I think it is sometimes hard when everyone seems to be at a different place in their lives with small families and I have not really changed all that much. Still single, no kids. Not complaining, it just is different. It is nice to have such fond memories; these ladies really meant so much in my life and I believe helped to make me the person I am today.

So Fish's, if you are reading this, I love you! I miss the memory of us, the us that used to be. But I love the us we are now and I would not change it for the world.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's in a Name?

I have had many nicknames in my life... some were nice, some were not so nice. So when a friend of mine asked for a nickname, it was harder than I thought to come up with one! I came up with one I thought was funny, she thought was rude. I came up with one that was just stupid... it was stupid. Then we sat down to eat and it hit me!! She is now "Downtown!" She asked why... there is no reason why. I like the nicknames where there is no reason for the name. Squitch, there is no reason for her nickname. Sissy, no reason for hers either. And Downtown there is no reason for the name other than it made her laugh when I said it. So now Lindsay, I officially bequeath you: DOWNTOWN!

Names are important. I did not really know how much until recently mine was changed for me without my knowing. It is a small thing, but it made me really think about what is in a name. The name my parents gave me is mine, my very own, and one of the only true possessions I have in this life. I was born Stephanie Johnson. I was not given a middle name (if I could choose it would be Anne.) I have had this name now for 34-1/2 years, and it kind of has grown on me. I have had people call me Starbuck, Olga (don't ask!), Sister, and Steph to name a few. And I like these nicknames, I really do (mostly Steph.) But my given name was a gift my parents gave me. I was named after someone my mother loved in her youth. If ever I get married and my name changes it will be something my husband gives me as well but will be my choice to change. My name is part of who I am, and I am proud of it.

My Uncle Tim's real name was Ray Lewis Parker. He was a big kid and they called him Tiny Tim. The Tim part of that name finally stuck. My Grams went to parent teacher conference one year and said she was Ray Lewis' mom. The teacher told her she did not have a Ray Lewis Parker, but had a Tim Parker in her class. To this day we do not talk about Uncle Ray, we talk about Uncle Tim. I never met him, he was in a swimming accident and passed away before I was born. But his name lives on in a nephew and grandson (both named Tim, not Ray.)

Shakespeare said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By by any other name would smell as sweet." Giving a nickname might not change the make-up of a person, or an object, but I do believe it is an awesome responsibility not to be taken lightly. And always, always should be done with the express permission of the person.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Challenge

You know me, always looking for good healthy ways to lose weight. I found a new challenge thanks to Marcia that started today. But she said the more the merrier, so if you are interested check it out: http://betteryouandme.blogspot.com/ Never too late, right?

Calling all Models

As I have surely boasted about too many times before: My sister owns a sewing business and is so super busy right now (so busy in fact I could not convince her to make a shirt for me for an upcoming wedding... not my wedding... but a friends!! All I could convince her to do is make me a super cute skirt!! I guess shirts are harder or something!! hee) She has been working on a new children's clothing line and it is so super cute!!

But she is in need of some child models to help her showcase the clothes in an ad she is working on.

For full details please visit this link on The Busy Bean's website. I have loved everything she has made for the little models in our family. The little girl on the page is my niece LoMo and loves the dress her mom made for her.

The photo shoot for this will be September 18, all submissions needs to be entered by September 13.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Learning Circle, LLC.

My dearest of dear friends Stephanie Chatterton Maag is at long last fulfilling her dream of opening a dance studio. I am honored that she would ask me to help with the set up of Human Resources and am proud to announce the Grand Opening August 30.

8685 South Highland Drive in Sandy, Utah

The studio is beautiful, the staff was super amazing when we met last week, and I cannot wait to take a class or two myself! They are really focusing on developmentally appropriate training in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Acting and Musical Theatre, to name a few. These classes are for all ages and both genders! I am big into "right fit" employment, meaning that the staff that is hired will work well together and is the right fit for the company. The staff that Stephanie has assembled for sure feels like a right fit to me. The staff includes:

Stephanie Chatterton Maag, classical ballet, children's dance, adult open level ballet
Karen S. Chatterton, classical ballet
Kim Chatterton Patten, classical ballet
Casey Matern, musical theatre
Jennifer Porter, acting
Janae Powell, jazz and tap
Chelsea Lujan, modern
Meagan Ashton, cheer dance
And Christina Pearson will be the friendly face you see at the front desk

The studio will have an open house the next two weekends: August 20, 21, 27, 28. On Fridays the studio will be open 3-8:00 p.m. and Saturdays 11-5:00 p.m. This open house will give parents and children the opportunity to see the class space and meet some of the teachers.

For more information please come to the open house or call 801-943-1757. Pricing and schedule will be available at the studio during the open house as well.

The studio is open for business Monday August 30 and is located 8685 South Highland Drive in Sandy, Utah.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friday Night

Midvale Arts Council is presenting the last of three Summer Music and Movie Series this Friday night August 20 7:30 p.m. at Midvale City Park 455 W 7500 S. I am the MC for the night and we have some fun, I tell you what. I would love it if my pals would sign up to sing as well. Mostly because it is country night (so the songs should be country... please someone sing some Pasty Cline!!) Here is a little known secret about me... that is not a secret at all... I do not like country music except Patsy Cline and the Dixie Chicks. But seeing good friends would help that!

So the info can be found HERE and if you are interested in signing up to sing please email my friend Paige at paige@midvalearts.com. The fine print? It costs $5 for Midvale residents or $10 for non-Midvale residents to enter the contest. The 3 winners get gift certificates, though. 1st place gets $100, 2nd gets $75 and 3rd gets $50 in gift cards. Small trick to winning? Sing well and bring friends. People can buy a ballot for $1 and vote for you... it is a trick to winning. All spectators are FREE, there is no gate fee, just $1 if they want to vote and one vote per person. If you have your own karaoke cd it is best, but they do have lots of cds there too.

After the contest we will have a movie in the park. It is Back to the Future III, you know where they go back ... and then to the future? Should be a fun evening, I'd love to see you all there... my tens of readers!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kind of funny

Joseph ... Dreamcoat closed Friday. It was a fun show to do and I had a great time meeting some new friends I will have for a long time ... oh and hanging out with some old friends that I hope will never go away ... Squitch & Chatt! So Saturday I slept in, like really slept in. Then helped my Mom clean out the freezer (please tell me at least one of you is singing "We've got to clean out the freezer by tomorrow morning, cause the Jersey Board of Health has sent the final warning. They're not buying our line that dead Nuns rise and shine, we must comply or face the fine!") then I went to a meeting at my friend's new dance studio (which is going to be awesome and I will fill you in more later on the haps there!)

Well two good friends of mine, who shall remain nameless since I already mentioned them in this post, and I started talking after the meeting and before we knew it it was 11:20. Oops. Late night. Well Sunday morning I had not set an alarm to get me up to go to church. Again, oops. But my cell phone rang at 8. A lady in the ward was calling asking if I could teach her Primary class in an hour (Primary is what we call the young children's Sunday School classes.) I rolled over, grabbed my iPad, asked what lesson it was, and laughed right out loud!!

I was teaching the 3 year olds about forgiveness. The lesson from the Bible? Joseph being sold into slavery, becoming a ruler in Egypt, and forgiving his brothers as told in Genesis. I laughed so very hard! I knew the story well enough after being on stage with it for 2 months that I felt pretty comfortable telling 3 year olds about it. It was hard, however, not doing song and dance while teaching! (I wore my coat, with golden lining, bright colors shining, wonderful and new!) The kids, however, were more interested in playing Ring Around the Rosies and coloring than the actual story. So thanks to musical theater and Toy Story fruit snacks, Sunday was a success!

BTW the iPad ap I used is the free ap Gospel Library where I have downloaded the scriptures, lesson manuals for Sunday School and the Hymns. Pretty cool ap! I did not have to boot up my computer and print out the lesson. I just picked up my 'tompooter' as Sissy calls my iPad and took that along with me. I am in like with my iPad.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deep Thoughts ... by Starbuck

I found it very funny today when the doctor's office put me on hold and they were playing the theme from "The Godfather."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Debate ... If you want

So last night I had a debate with my father. We rarely see eye to eye on things (oh come on Dad, you know it is true!!) and it was rather interesting so I wanted the feedback at large:

The scenario is thus:
Someone sends a forward email to a mass group that they think is so funny or pertinent. This email obviously contains something that has offended at least one person in this group who then hits 'reply all' to voice their general dislike of the original email.

What is your take on people ...
1) sending forwards
2) sending emails they think are funny (political, religious, etc) that you do not find funny
3) someone hitting reply all to tell the original sender off
4) someone sending a private email to the original sender asking to be removed from their email list

I obviously have an opinion on it. I delete forwards, I rarely read them because they rarely apply to my interests. Since I have very different political views than many of my friends or family I rarely find jokes about our leaders funny and therefore just find it easier to hit delete than be mad about it. Also some of the forwards (especially pet ones) are a general waste of my time (I do not like most animals ... I do not hate them ... I have a fish.)

However, I do not find anything wrong with someone who has been included in a mass email that is offensive (or they find offensive) hitting reply all and letting the group at large know their view. It is the same with people forwarding on emails that Snopes have proven only an urban legend, etc. I know it makes me think twice about sending something on that might be questionable. Sure the response might be harsh, but what is more offensive: getting an email that is hurtful or standing up for you and your people?

I have sent people requests privately to be removed from their email lists. It is never pleasant especially if it is a family member. But I think it is better to ask to be removed than to get emails that make me mad!!

My Dad and I did agree on one thing last night (shocker!) We both think that you need to know your audience. Send things you think might apply or are interesting only to certain people. I do not find political forwards necessary especially the ones that slam The POTUS (current, past, future.) But I might enjoy an email with some info on the Emmy nominations, or a new show on Broadway, or a new tech gadget, etc. Know your audience before you hit send.

I am not saying I am wrong, I am not saying I am right. What are your thoughts on this scenario?

Here's a Story...

So the great iPad debate is over. It is over I say! I covet the iPad no more.

... because I am looking at one right now on my pretty little desk.

The story is thus of how I now own an iPad!!

Bonus day is next Friday. I had narrowed my search for the eReader of my choice to the iPad and Nook. The Kindle just did not look like it was going to do what I needed it to do for school. I made myself promise to play with both of my finalists before I bought one. Oops.

My boss's son bought a Kindle for law school when they first came out and loved it (but his college supported the software for textbooks, mine does not.) Then he upgraded to the iPad for his bar exam and just could not adjust to the differences and did not love it as much as he loved his Kindle (you know how you love what you know?) The other day he was in the office and I asked him how he liked the iPad for pdf reading, he said he did like it for that function but was not in love with it for other reasons. And as he was moving to Texas yesterday was not in the mood to pack it. Did I want a great deal on an iPad?

Pause to think about it for a nano-second, um yes please!!

So I first called my Mom and chatted with the Sisters to make sure it was a good idea and I was not rashly making a decision. I had the money he was asking for it, and I might add it was half of what I would have spent next week for a larger memory one. So my logical plan is to play with this smaller memory version to make sure I do like and one day upgrade.

I have my current school workshop documents loaded on it. I did an assignment today and it was pretty nice to look at the eReader sitting by my keyboard while typing and looking at my screen. I start actual classes again Aug 31 and I think it will come in handy!

Let's be honest, I already have some games on it too!! In fact I got a cool Simon game inspired after seeing Hale's production of The Wedding Singer was one of the first games I got. Pretty pleased with it so far!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Giveaway ... Another

While I do not want to tell you about this contest (because I think I should win it) my sister Kate is an amazing photographer and has come up with a fun contest. Details are above. I know the photos will be cool and I love all of my Busy Bean bags and wallets (at last count I have 5, it is nice to get the prototypes!!)

I recommend!! Even if I do not win the contest I think I am going to have Kate do a session for me, really can an actress have too many headshots?!