Friday, February 24, 2012

An Update

Alright Kay ... here is an update. It only took 3 weeks of begging, prodding, and threatening to get me to post an update on Mom. She has been home now for three weeks now. She was home a week when she had to go back to the cardiologist. Her heart is doing great. That day she also was told that she needed to start radiation soon, so they mapped her out so she can start in another week or so. She has lesions on her scalp, right shoulder, right hip, and something on her legs. There is a chance that her hair will never come back ... good thing she looks awesome bald!! They took out her central line the next day which means she can wear real clothes now not just button up jammie shirts. She still super tired though overall feeling good mentally. She has to mostly stay in the house because she still cannot be around germs, but she has ventured out a few times for walks around the neighborhood. When she does go out she has to wear her hepa mask that blocks all of the outside germs from attacking her. Her doctor did tell her that since she grafted so quickly she her 100 day check up would actually be held around 70 days. She also said that if she wanted to try to come back to work for a few hours she can in a few weeks.

I am taking her out to a baby shower tomorrow for a bit and I hope to convince her to come to an Oscar party. Because who does not celebrate Oscar night?! :)

So Kay, there is the update! Thanks for reminding me that I needed to get that taken care of. Sometimes I just forget that people truly care about her. I love that so many of my friends, and those of hers that stalk this blog too (hey Trudy!), really try to keep up on the events of her treatment.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The One Where She Comes Home

Mom came home yesterday. 23 days total in the hospital. This time she grafted faster than in 2008, which caused graft disease where her body shut down. It was a harder row this time. She had some issues with her lungs and heart. Once she was able to get off the oxygen they were able to send her home. Below is a pic of the nurse prepping her for release. 

She takes home a tired body, a bald(ish) head that will be completely bald within a week, and her pick line. She has to follow up next Monday to make sure her numbers are still good, then one with a cardiologist in 2 weeks to make sure her heart is stable. Now we wait. They will know if she is in remission in 100 days. Her life will be a little rough in solitude for the next few weeks; she cannot be in public for a while. Her hair will start to grow back in a few months. Her energy will return. And if all went well, she will be in remission for a few years.

Mom is a rock star. Her life has been taken away from her and she is starting from scratch. Her immune system is the same as a newborn. She cannot fight any infection by herself, so she is on medication for it. She has the energy of a little kid too, needing naps (plural) to make it through the day. It is going to be a rough go, but she is going to make it.

Bests of all? She found her sense of humor again in the last few days. She is a fighter in red cap, pajamas, and slippers. But at least she is a fighter.