Friday, March 16, 2012

Tri - Volunteering

Calling all volunteers. So here is the deal: The Midvale Arts Council is planning a fund raiser and I need some help getting it organized and executed. The event is a little bigger than our current council can organize alone. Excited to find out more? I know I would be!

We are putting on a mini/sprint triathlon Saturday June 9 for 4 different age groups. I am still organizing the groups, so I am not ready to announce them, but it will be young children up to adults. We will start with a swim, then bike, then run. The adults will do a full sprint tri, the younger kids will do a mini tri of our design.

If you are interested in helping I need help in two categories: planning the event & volunteers on the day. Organizing needs to take place before we can execute, obviously. I am looking for help in not only organizing but also in fundraising (can you believe you have to fund raise for a fundraiser?) I also need help planning the routes for the different groups, organizing the volunteers, etc.

On June 9 I need an army of volunteers to help guide the groups through their routes. Help me keep organized.

What do you get?! Well there is a nice t-shirt in it for you! Plus the thanks of a grateful nation ... or me. AND 2 tickets to the summer show for Midvale. Plus, there is a nice thank you note in it for you ... because I will find a volunteer to write them for me! lol.

I have not even told you the best part! The name of our event is Tri the Arts. How great is that?! I wish I could take credit; alas, it was another council member's name idea.

Interested? It would be ideal if you could email me at to let me know. I promise a good (and slightly stressful) time to all who volunteer! I really would be grateful to work with people I know and trust already. (i.e. my friends) Let me know!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dolla War

When I lived in Chicago all those many years ago, I had some amazing friends. There were different groups of these friends: Nanny and Non-Nanny friends. My nanny friends all set up play groups and we saw each other often. The non-nanny friends I saw less frequently, mostly at church on Sunday. I had been living in Chicago for a few months when I was asked to serve in the Ward Relief Society presidency with some great ladies: Molly, Christy, and Margo. We became pretty close. We would meet together often, usually including Ghiradelli cheese cake from Olive Garden ... back when they served it and it was AWESOME! We took a yearly trip to Nauvoo, Illinois together and included another really great friend, Renee (whom I call Nee Nee.) These women are some of the most influential women in my life for who I am today, what I have become. When I was 18 years old I had some pretty interesting choices to make, and they showed me by example how to make good choices.  They are all older than I am, they were infinitely more mature than me they ARE infinitely more mature than I am. I have nothing but respect for these women. When we were released from the Relief Society I remember feeling lost, like I would never see them again (give me a break, I was 20!) I have been blessed in my life that we still keep in touch and see each other as often as travel permits. I love them with my whole heart. Christy once called me the crazy glue of the group, I am fairly certain the emphasis was on the 'crazy' part of that phrase! :) 

Nauvoo was always an adventure! The 5 of us would pile in a car (usually Christy would borrow her mom's Explorer because we all had single girl cars!) and take a 5 hour drive to Nauvoo for the weekend leaving after work Friday and coming home Sunday late; or if Monday was a holiday we would come home then. We had a system where everyone would pay for certain things and then we would just settle up at the end of the weekend. We split the trip 5 ways, always sharing the same hotel room, and usually ate a lot of Smuckers Goober (which was pb&j in a jar already mixed.) I think back often on these trips with fond memories! Well except for the one where Molly was injured and had to spend the weekend in the hospital. That was not a good one! That was the first time (not the last) that I found a feminine hygiene product useful in a first aid trauma use.

On one trip, September of 1996, Nee Nee and I were a dollar off of what we had spent. Now Nee Nee will tell you that the story I am about to share with you is fiction, or an exaggeration of the truth. I submit to you it is fact, all fact, and nothing but the facts! She has the chance to rebuttal anything in this post ... I do not think she will find anything in the post to rebut. Is rebut a word? It must be, the spell checker is not freaking out.

Back to September 1996: Nee Nee and I were off a dollar. After looking at the math I owed her $1. So I fished out $1 bill and gave it to her. She gave it back to me inferring $1 was not a big deal. I gave it to her again. She gave it back to me. This all happened in the car at the end of the trip. So as to not fight at the end of a great trip, I just let the dollar come back to me, vowing she would accept the 'dolla' one day. I found fun and creative ways to give it to her (like folded like a tie and stuck onto a teddy bear); she always found equally creative ways to give it back to me. So after a while it became a game of sorts: the dolla war was born! The dolla war has been going strong for 16 years now. I will prevail!

The original dolla on the right, second dolla on the left. Second dolla, you say? Keep reading!
The backs of the dollas
So this dolla has been passed back and forth for 16 years, through the mail, hand delivered, often found with treats or presents ... etc. Nee was the first to write a message to me on it. Each time we deliver it back to the other person something more gets added. She delivered it to me when I was on my mission in Michigan with some Doty Chocolate bread once. (That was a bread only found in Crystal Lake, loved loved loved it!) Once I sent it to her in an envelope that looked like it contained a wedding invitation. She was planning her trip out here for my wedding when the dolla emerged! I have to admit, it has been one of the greatest fights I have ever been in.

The second dolla joined the war a few years back. Nee was attending the theater with some mutual friends: Brian and Ranell. So I told Ranell to slip her a dollar bill, as a joke. Well she did. Nee sent it back to me with the original dolla. I submit that it is not my dolla, but Nee remains firm in her resolve that since I told Ranell to give it to her, I am guilty by association. Alright, fine. I will admit my guilt in the second dolla, however, the first dolla is all hers! Nee Nee, that first dolla belongs to you! 

In looking at these dollas one cannot help but notice that they may or may not look defaced. I could have just Photoshoped the writing, stickers, pictures, etc on. I could have. But each message reminds me where she and I have been over the past 16 years. There are reminders of vacations Nee took, or the mission I served for the LDS Church, Christmas Past, 12 year anniversary, the chocolate bread, trips to Disneyland, something about a duck candle ... that one I do not remember ... Nee?

Last summer another girl tried to give me a dollar, though she did not owe me. I was quick to shoot her down and let her know that I would never give up on giving her back the dollar. She kept the dollar. Though she does often threaten to give it back to me. I told her I had been passing a dolla back and forth with another friend for longer than she had been alive. That is not accurate, I think she is now 19. 

So Nee there is the "dramatic untrue" version of my side of the dolla war story. Rebuttal? You have my email address. I promise to print anything you send. With the knowledge that I can rebut as well! :) 

16 years, 2 dolla, infinite memories! Love you Nee, and Christy, and Margo and Ranell (since I know you read this blog too) and Molly. I love and miss you much. Thank you for many years of positive memories, and a wonderful influence. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Weekend

This weekend was my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. So we partied it up right, we got together for dinner Sunday and played old-school games. I was late to the party, so they were done with dinner when I got there with a beautiful salad ... which was kind of sad ... because everyone was full already. However, Mac sat next to me while I ate my lasagna. I opened the salad. Mac saw the heirloom tomatoes and chowed down. That girl loves the tomatoes. 

Then I was dishing up dessert and Mac was helping again. I had 2 ice cream scoopers so I was scooping with one and she was helping with the other. This is how she was helping: She would scoop ...

Then eat ...

So then ... I still cannot stop laughing ... LoMo got an owie. I asked her to show it to me ... and this is what happened:

She told us that we did not need to kiss it better because she has a bandaid. Her face in this pic made me so happy!

So happy anniversary Mom and Dad. Dominoes rule, I wish I could have bee there for the Boggle or Yahtzee! And 40 years? Wow ... that is a long time!

Blog teaser? I have another coming soon about a Dolla War after I take a pic of the dolla