Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seuss, Swine, and Stuff

Life right now is Seuss, Seuss, Seuss, Seuss! However, I have had a few other fun and not so fun other things going on in my life. Here is a photo update of what has been going on this month... good times!
Memorial Day Pool Party!! Ains likes to drink from a big girl glass

LoMo loves to splash
Bud taking a nap, oh he is a cute one!
This is the face of swine flu. LoMo and I both got pretty sick last week, but we are both feeling really good now
The cast of Seussical (still playing now through Saturday!)
Who Hair!! My two J's spike their hair each night, so last night I did it too!
Neighbor Mayzie on her nest
My sister the turtle... SPLASH! CoMo is 6 months pregnant and I laugh every night that her turtle (or tutle) bump is in the front!
Notice anything different? Gertrude's new and drug improved tail
One of my favorite scenes of the show is when Besty gets to "change seasons" for us. She is here spraying Horton with rain
Then she throws snow on Gertrude and Horton ... it is one of my favorite scenes every night!

Monday, June 15, 2009


The Midvale Arts Council will present "Seussical", June 19 - 27 (nightly except Sunday), 7:30 pm at the Midvale Outdoor Stage in the Park, 400 West 7500 South. Now one of the most performed shows in America, "Seussical" is a fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza! Tony winners Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty ("Ragtime," "Once On This Island") have lovingly brought to life all of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters, including Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie La Bird and a little girl with a big imagination--JoJo.
The story centers around Horton the Elephant, who finds himself faced with a double challenge--not only must he protect his tiny friend JoJo (and all the invisible Whos) from a world of naysayers and dangers, but he must guard an abandoned egg, left to his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird. Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him, the only one who recognizes "his kind and his powerful heart." Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant, in a story that makes you laugh and cry.
The show is being directed by Stephanie Johnson, with musical direction by Tammy Morgan and choreography by Emilee Stokes and Stephanie Maag. The cast includes as Cat in the Hat - Candice J. Jorgensen, JoJo - Gracie Vesley, Horton - Jeremy Wing, Gertrude - Casey Matern, Mayzie - Elisha Jorgensen, as Sour Kangaroo - Lorri L. Cerva, and as the Mayor Family - Sanford and Jennifer Porter. Tickets are $5 general admission, $3 children and seniors and may be purchased at the door or in advance at Group discounts and $20 family passes (one household) are also available. Seating is on the grass so please bring lawn chairs & blankets.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Socio-Political Rant

Here is the deal: I am fairly liberal in my political views BUT belong to a conservative religious church. It is sometimes hard when it comes to making election decisions; but since I have a testimony of a living prophet it is easy for me to pray and have confirmation if the church's direction conflicts with my social political views. That being said I have to rant a moment about, what I view, as a skewed one-sided social love for freedom of speech.

I recently have found that the media seem to favor a more liberal view, which usually does not bother me. However, that is until I see people being punished for their conservative views. While I might not agree with conservative views all of the time, and may even passionately disagree with it, I truly believe in the freedom to express it.

Yesterday morning I saw on the Today Show that Miss California USA had her crown taken away from her for failure to comply with her contract. The reasoning given by the committee makes sense, but she is claiming that the true reason was her views on gay marriage and her audacity of expressing her views publicly. The committee member who was being interviewed claimed that this was not true, in any way, but then he and the (newly crowned) winner made comments that lead me to believe that she was right. She might have ultimately been fired because of her breach of contract, however they sure made it sound like if she had not vocally opposed gay marriage that they might have given her another chance. How funny that the committee can forgive her breaking the rules about topless photos, but when it comes to her views on gay marriage, they cut and run.

Why is it that if a person is against gay marriage that he or she is a "hater"? Why is it that if a person is against gay marriage that he or she is close-minded? At least this is how it is presented in the media. I am not a fan of this skewed view. Many churches teach that marriage is defined as being "between a man and a woman" by God's word; mine does. While I do believe in equal rights for all, I do not believe that any political law can force religious institutions into performing marriages. If I wanted to be married in the Greek Orthodox Church, I need to belong to the Greek Orthodox Church regardless of who I am marrying, for example. There is another standard that is so very important to the fabric of our country: a separation of Church and State.

I tend to agree with Utah's Governor Jon Huntsman when he is pushing to heal the social hurt feelings in regard to gay marriage; that there is a social solution in civil unions, etc. I would love nothing more than those who are in a loving, committed relationship should have the same rights no matter of sexual orientation. However, when laws are drafted that would force religious organizations into performing marriages that would not be sanctioned by their leaders, I have a problem with that. When people who are in favor of gay marriages are allowed to vehemently express their views but those who are opposed to gay marriage are not, I have a problem with that. When a public vote is taken and laws are defeated that would give States of the Union the right to perform gay marriage is defeated and people are violently not happy with the outcome, I have a problem with that. I would have the same problem if a State in the Union held a public vote and passed a law in favor of gay marriage and those opposed to it became violently not happy with the outcome. The reason we hold public votes is so the majority in the voice of the people can be heard. When the conservative voice is the winner, it is the winner and we need to move on. When the liberal voice is the winner, it is the winner and we need to move on.

Governor Huntsman is right, it is time to stop the fight and heal all of the hurt and the hate. But from where I sit on my conservatively liberal throne, there is hate on both sides, not just the people who are opposed to gay marriage. Those in favor of gay marriage seem to be doing a fair share of hating and have been close-minded toward those who have strong conservative religious views. It is just that some are talking more loudly than others.

Rant over…

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

#86 - Go to the aquarium... check!

The first Saturday of every month our family tries to have everyone together for Family Home Evening. This month Barry and Debbie were in charge, Katie's parents were still in town, so we all got together and went to the aquarium. It is a smaller aquarium that is growing when it can. They are trying to bring some penguins in next. That would be cool. After the aquarium (don't get me started on "the BIRD show") we went back to my parent's home and had a picnic. I borrowed a video camera from BW (thanks) to see if I liked it so I can get my own, so the videos are not the best. I was just learning how to use it... bear with me!

Speaking of the picnic, may I digress for a moment? Of course I can, it is my blog! A short note to the person who scheduled the Air Force refueling airplane fly by at Rio Tinto Stadium: When scheduling a very large airplane to fly low over neighborhoods on their way to a stadium, you might want to inform the inhabitants of said neighborhood. I know this because when one is sitting out on one's lawn after a nice picnic with one's family and a large plane flies so low over houses that people can read the super small numbers on the tail… it might be too low. When the homes shake so hard pictures are want to fall off the mantle when a plane flies by… it might be too low. When I can see the inside the refueling dangle of a plane… it might be too low. So what I am saying to the person who scheduled the Air Force refueling airplane fly by at Rio Tinto Stadium: IT WAS TOO LOW!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I here is the deal. Sometime I find people's blogs very funny and I love when I can find a particularly great blog about... well nothing. (For an example check out the link "A blog just for laughs" on the right of my posts (Blog is Seriously So Blessed... oh my....)

So I have nothing to do this afternoon at work, it is like that sometimes, so I was catching up on my blog reading and noticed some links on Emily's site. Oh my, oh my. She had a link for a blog called What I Wore Today. I was thinking in my mind that it could not be what it sounded like, but it WAS!! A daily photo blog of what a woman wears each day. Oh my!! I could not be happier; what a super special gift!

#52 - Done

#52 - Buy two new book shelves and organize books.

I have a ton of books, well for a non-reader anyway, and they have been sitting on the floor because I did not have a place to put them. I have had my eyes on these Ikea bookcases for about 2 years now. I really like them!! My brother Everett was a really good pal and picked them up for me while he was buying his 25 bookshelves for his 1.2 million books (slight exaggeration…slight) I put them together last night ALL BY MYSELF! It took far longer than I thought it would, but I have to tell you that it feels great to have it all done. So the books on the left are church books, scripts, and scrapbooks. The books on the right are fiction, etc. The shelves are deep enough that most of the books are stacked two rows deep. This is what the western side of my bedroom looks like... the eastern side... well maybe after I chuck some clothing out of the closets I will post pics of it.

Co, notice the nice little television on the right? Want it back?

Christy, notice the clock on top of the left bookcase? I love it, it no longer works (batteries died) but I love it as much now as when you gave it to me years and years ago.

I am also currently working on #53 of my list of 101 which is “Keep bedroom/office organized and clean for an entire month”. I ask for a vote from the readers: Does this mean I have to make my bed daily? I typically do not make my bed daily, so it would be a challenge; however, I am directing a show that opens in a few weeks so I will have very little time on my hands. Discuss.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Apparently I Am Single Because I Am a Sissy

I found out in Sunday School yesterday that the reason I am single is because I am a sissy. Long story. I, of course, do not think the teacher was slamming singles on purpose, it was kind of funny. We were learning about premortal, mortal, and postmortal life. She made a comment that those who are not blessed to be married in this life will get the chance in the next. I made the comment that as a “single” I really am fine being single because I get to do many things that “marrieds” are not able to do. She mentioned that she often thought she was married because she is not a sissy… hm…

Anyway, I was released yesterday as the other Gospel Doctrine teacher. I have taught Sunday School for just short of 3 years and have loved it. The Bishop and I talked, though, about how hard it is teach Sunday and work with the Special Needs. So now I only have one calling (so this is what it feels like to only have one calling!) in the Regional Special Needs Ward.