Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chemo Brain

A cancer patient who has had to go through many rounds of chemotherapy will often experience a lapse in memory and can claim that he or she (he/she) has chemo brain. It is a real thing, and many patients truly do experience it. The question I pose is, what about the caregivers? Can they claim it too ... by mere association? Because by golly I am lately experiencing an outrageous bout of chemo brain. I have had too many conversations that I do not remember lately and it seems they all seem to be happening with one person. I swear I pay attention! And once I am reminded of it I totally remember! So I think I have what I now will call "associated chemo brain." ACB, as it is now commonly referred to, is now an official, real malady that affects caregivers of those who have had chemo. So say we all.

On an completely unrelated note I saw the husband of a dear friend today, only it turns out it was not him ... because his name is not Juan and he does not speak only Spanish. So that happened!