Friday, November 8, 2013

Once Upon a Wedding Shower

Fair warning ... uber photo overload ahead.

I have a friend ... we'll call her Kristen ... who recently got married. I like this friend Kristen. A lot. She has quickly wound her way into the deepest parts of my heart. I have another friend ... we'll call her Larissa ... who also recently got married. I like this friend Larissa. A lot. She also quickly wound her way into the deepest parts of my heart. Sadly, I was out of town for Larissa's wedding. She had a dinosaur at her wedding. Cool, right? A dinosaur. I digress. Well Kristen got married a month after Larissa did. The friends decided to throw Kristen a bridal shower. One thing you should know about Kristen is there are very few things she loves more than Disney. Anything Disney. We thought and thought of what we could do that would be worthy of Kristen's Disney love. We hit the Pinterest boards and came up with a Mad Hatter Tea Party. We had a nice lunch with a few beverages. We played a game, if I remember right, and then had a lip sync off. Kristen won. Honestly I am not sure how this all came together because Mel and I were in the car accident Thursday and this was on Saturday. My friends really are just about the best thing ever!! Behold: 

Miscellaneous tea cups from DI assembled into center pieces.
Old tea spoons and original Alice art work face cards.
These center pieces and cards looked so amazing thanks to Sparky and Selena.
It was halfway through the party before I found this little stowaway ...
I'd like to name him ... but he was not mine to name. 
Tea cups, tea pots, saucers, spoons, hot glue, and a little imagination. 
Canning jars and fancy straws served as our "tea cups".
We put some long tables together and waited for the guests to arrive. 
Mel made these super cute Drink Me bottles with colored water in pretty bottles. 

Tea sandwiches included pinwheels and cucumber sandwiches. Served on tea plates. 
Three beverages: Cucumber mint
Strawberry citrus
Berry lemon/limeade 
This cake was made by my other mother, inside was red velvet. Super cute, mighty tasty.
We also served cups of goodies including apples and peanut butter, carrots and ranch, strawberries and brown sugar.
These Mad Hatter boxes were the party favor to be filled with candy from the candy bar. 
Kristen's face upon seeing it all was pretty priceless.
Riss was such a good sport when Kristen called dibs on shower winner.
Sparky came up with the original idea, and Mel, despite being in a lot of post car accident pain, was brilliant at keeping me organized. 
This face. This face I love!
I do love this girl!

Thanks to Mel, Sparky, Selena, Tiffanie, Larissa, Michelle, and Casey this was one of the funnest showers in the history of showers. 


miss kristen said...

My love for you knows no bounds. It really was the shower to end all showers. Thank you my friend. I love you more than words.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. So sweet and the idea was hilarious!